vee GmbH


Committed to tradition

History and foundation

From wood works to plant construction.

One of the main reasons for this development was initially the energy demand in the owners sawmill. Large amounts of electricity were needed for machines and a lot of heat for drying the sawn timber. Since the heat requirement for the economical operation of a steam turbine was too low, an optimal solution was searched in vain for a long time. Like many other self-developed systems in the woodworks, this solution should be characterized by efficiency, functionality and low complexity.

Since there was no usable technology on the market, the first attempts were made in 2010 to produce wood gas for a gas engine.

The knowledge available at that time served as the basis for the development of a system in which the known problems were to be solved for the most part. It was already clear at that time that a wood gas system, which requires some kind of work almost every day and is susceptible to malfunctions, was not usable. Another requirement was that the plant should function without any problems with standard wood chips, including fine and bark contents. Also, in principle, a heating system and not a power plant should be built, in other words, the system had to remain technically simple and manageable.

Today, the systems run trouble-free for months and the reliability now clearly exceeds the initial expectations.
Ing. Andreas Fritsche
Owner | Managing Director
Technology & innovations

After many testing series with progress and regression, we had already developed a carburetor at the end of 2012, which has hardly changed in terms of the basic system to this day. There have been significant improvements in recent years in the area of service life due to the use of special materials for heavily loaded parts. The concept of gas cleaning has also proven itself to this day, because the service life of the filters is now over one year. The initially used naturally aspirated engines were replaced in 2014 by turbocharged engines, which have a significantly higher efficiency and lower maintenance requirements.

After almost seven years of development and several plants sold, the entire biomass gasification business unit of Holzwerk A. Fritsche was transferred to vee GmbH in 2017 then. The three letters “vee” stand for “valuable ecological energy”.