Wood Gasifier with CHP 350 kW


The demand for industrial applications has led to the development of systems with a firing capacity of approx. 1 MW.
Gasifier and CHP units with 350 kW are now available in the wp3 series, with a number of technical innovations.

The systems are manufactured from high-quality, industry-standard components for a long service life. The core of the system is a fixed-bed direct-current (DC) gasifier developed over many years in combination with a specially adapted gas filter system. System solutions have also been developed for other plant components such as the fuel lock, gas cooling and coal dust discharger, which are less susceptible to faults and very easy to maintain.

For the CHP unit, we use MAN biogas engines with electronic ignition and high-quality synchronous generators. The 4-valve technology in the wp3.350 further increases efficiency.

New features of the wp3.series

wp3.350_Wood gasifier with innovations
wp3.350_Wood Gasifier_CHP Unit

Gasifier Unit

CHP Unit

Wood Chip CHP 350 kW

Ecological & sustainable

The development of the 350 kW Wood Chip CHP unit is based on the requirement to ensure a stable gas generation process with standard wood chips, including fine and bark fractions, for a consistently high electrical and thermal output. With our innovative technology, we have developed a future-oriented system for decentralized energy supply. A step towards independence from third-party providers while making optimum use of local resources.

Output & efficiency of the CHP 350 kW

Thermal efficiency
(water circuit 90°C)

Dimensions and space requirements

In addition to the specified dimensions, a minimum distance of 1.2 meters is recommended between the system modules and the building walls. This facilitates access to the systems and guarantees efficient maintenance work. The dimensions given below do not include the space required for the lifting equipment.

4.08 x 2.50 x 2.49 m

3.56 x 1.90 x 2.34 m

4.0 m

55 m²

Performance data

All data are to be understood as guide values and when using a fuel in accordance with the wood chip specification.

370 kW

650 kW

1230 kW




33.3 srm

22.8 srm

10.4 kW


Technological advantages

Installation, commissioning & maintenance

The two units (DC Gasifier and CHP) are mounted on a base frame and delivered ready for operation. We guarantee short installation times and rapid commissioning.

Thanks to the high-quality components and good accessibility, the maintenance costs of the systems are comparatively low. We offer individual services and contracts tailored to your framework conditions.

Wood Gas CHP Systems from 700 kW


A technical standard for all sizes enables individual cascading of the systems. By interconnecting several systems, you can achieve the optimum output of electricity and heat for your project.

By operating several systems in parallel, maintenance and servicing can be carried out one after the other without causing downtime of the overall output.

wp2.150 Wood gasifier in operation

Further Components & Services

System Control

The system can be operated and monitored locally, via smartphone or via the internet from anywhere in the world. Warning and fault messages are sent by email or SMS.

Wood Chip Dryer Side view of Vee

Wood Chip Dryer

Perfect wood chips for an optimal pyrolysis process and high efficiency. A specially developed wood chip drying system with integrated screening.

System Service

Our systems are designed to be low-maintenance and easily accessible. Wear parts and spare parts are kept in stock and are delivered by parcel service or express courier. We offer customer-specific service and maintenance contracts.


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