Wood Chip Dryer

cd2.270 Walking Floor Dryer for Wood Chips

Wood Chip Dryer Side view of Vee


The Walking Floor Dryer is an efficient and cost-effective option for drying wood chips.

For an optimum pyrolysis process, dry wood chips with an ideal water content of approx. 7% are required. In order to achieve this low residual moisture content for specific projects, the dryer is available in a modular design.

Thanks to integrated screening, reliable operation can also be achieved with low-quality wood chips. Oversize parts are ejected, fine parts that fall through the drying grid, can either be ejected or mixed back into the wood chips.

The conveying technology for connection to the wood gas CHP system by means of cross screws / steep screws is designed specifically for the project.

Modular design

Depending on the required drying capacity, 1 to 5 drying and/or bunker elements are mounted on the base element. Bunker elements differ from the drying elements in that their surface has no slots for the drying air. Half drying bunker elements are available to optimize the drying capacity.

The basic technical element contains the core components and the control technology. The control technology can be installed in the control cabinet of the wood gas CHP system or in an external control cabinet.


Dimensions and space requirements

The space required for the wood chip drying system is determined on a project-specific basis.

2.70 x 2.45 m

2.70 x 2.45 m

2.70 x 1.225 m

0.2 bis 0.5 m

3.0 m

Performance data

1.3 kWh th / kg of water

0.05 kWh / kg of water

Wood Chip Drying System


Scheme for a basic technical element with one drying element and bunker elements.


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