vee ISO 9001 Certification

Manufacturer Certification

We are pleased to announce the successful ISO 9001:2015 certification as per 20.12.2023.

Development, production and implementation of Wood Gas CHP Systems and Wood Chip Drying Systems.

vee valuable ecological energy ISO 9001 Certification

Wood Gasifiers with CHP

New wp3 series

Our new wp3 series Wood Gasifiers with CHP have a new design and, in addition to the technological innovations, are even more user-friendly. In the CHP unit, the gas engine with 4-valve technology provides a higher electrical efficiency and the larger heat exchanger provides a higher thermal efficiency.


vee Key Words

Generate electric power and heat from biomass

Our technology contributes to a sustainable energy future. 

We focus on regionalization. Decentralized energy generation creates independence from central systems and secures our basic needs for heat and electricity. Short transport routes reduce emissions and the added value remains in the region.


When tradition and origin oblige. Our vision for the use of renewable energy sources promotes the economy for the common good. Nature, environment and quality of life in harmony.

More than a decade has passed since the development of the first wood gas plant. Today, the systems reliability clearly exceeds the initial expectations.

In challenging times it is important to tackle things together and think ahead. Our qualified and innovative team works daily on the continuous improvement of the systems.

vee Jobs & Career

Invest in your future!

We are on a steep growth course and are looking for movers and shakers who will set new standards in the energy industry with us.

We look forward to receiving your application!