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Production of electric power and heat from biomass. Our technology as a contribution to a sustainable energy future.

We focus on regionalization. Decentralized energy generation creates independence from central systems and secures our basic needs for heat and electricity. Short transport routes reduce emissions and the added value remains in the region.

Recent political and economic developments confirm this path that has been taken for years.


When tradition and origin oblige. Our vision for the use of renewable energy sources promotes the economy for the common good. Nature, environment and quality of life in harmony.

More than a decade has passed since the development of the first wood gas plant. Today, the systems often run trouble-free for months and the reliability clearly exceeds the initial expectations.

In a time of crisis, it is all the more important to tackle things together and think ahead. A qualified and innovative team works daily on the projects and on the continuous improvement of the plants.

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Wood gasification technology for energy transition!

Vorarlberger Nachrichten on August 23rd 2022.

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Opening of Local Heating Vorchdorf on 13.08.2022

(Upper Austria)

Three wp2.150 plants are installed at this location.

480 kW of electrical power and 870 kW of thermal energy are generated from biomass (wood chips) there.

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