A reliable and fully automatic system

The system is made of high-quality components and materials for a long service life. Wear parts such as filter elements or air nozzles cause only low costs. The core of the system is a DC fixed-bed carburetor developed over many years in combination with a specially adapted fabric filter. Solutions have also been developed for many other plant components, such as the combustible lock (port) or coal dust rejection, which are less susceptible to faults and more maintenance-friendly than standard solutions.

For the CHP, we use MAN gas engines with electronic ignition and high-quality synchronous generators. The operation and monitoring of the system can be carried out locally or by a smartphone via the Internet. Warning and fault messages are transmitted via email or SMS. Even if the system normally runs completely trouble-free for weeks, a daily short visual inspection should be part of everyday operation.

Competitive advantages


Technical Specifications


A reliable and fully automatic system

Electrical efficency
Thermal efficiency (water circuit 90°C)

wp2.150 – Dimensions and space requirements

In addition to the specified dimensions, a minimum distance of 1,2 meters is recommended between the systems or system modules and equally to the building walls. This facilitates access to the systems and guarantees efficient maintenance and service work.

3,0 x 1,9 x 2,5 m

2,7 x 1,2 x 2,0 m

4,0 m

30 m²

wp2.150 – Performance data

All information is to be understood as guideline values and when using a fuel in accordance with the Specification of Wood Chips.

160 kW

290 kW

560 kW

28,5 %

53 %

7 %

15,1 srm

10,4 srm

4,5 kW

70 – 100 %