The wood gasification plant wp2.050 is the smallest of the wp2 series

Nevertheless, it is technically in no way inferior to the larger versions. The DC fixed-bed carburetor with its movable air nozzles and the durable wood gas filters, as they are also installed in the larger systems, lead to very high reliability of the system and low maintenance and operating costs. The CHP works with a supercharged 4-cylinder gas engine from MAN and a synchronous generator. In order to comply with future emission standards, space is provided in the lower part for additional catalytic converters. The complete control of the system from the fuel bunker to the heat extraction and electricity feed-in is carried out via a modern PLC. The operation / monitoring of the system can be carried out on site or via smartphone / PC via the Internet worldwide. 

The gasification unit and the CHP unit are each mounted on a base frame and delivered ready for operation, which minimizes the installation and commissioning time. This size is particularly suitable for small local heating networks, hotels and other applications with corresponding energy requirements.


Technical Specifications


Suitable for hotels, small local heating networks, agriculture and forest owners

Electrical efficency
Thermal efficiency (water circuit 90°C)

wp2.050 – Dimensions and space requirements

In addition to the specified dimensions, a minimum distance of 1,2 meters is recommended between the systems or system modules and equally to the building walls. This facilitates access to the systems and guarantees efficient maintenance and service work.

2,6 x 1,5 x 2,3 m

2,5 x 1,1 x 1,9 m

2,8 m

25 m²

wp2.050 – Performance data

All information is to be understood as guideline values and when using a fuel in accordance with the Specification of Wood Chips.

52 kW

98 kW

189 kW

27,5 %

52 %

7 %

5,1 srm

3,5 srm

1,5 kW

70 – 100 %