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News: Wood gasification plant rental…

Through years of further development and endurance tests, our wood gasification systems have managed to make the leap into a reliable technology.

Maintenance intervals of 1000 hours and more, less than one disruption per month and hardly relevant service costs are a new dimension and can only be achieved through the use of the highest quality materials and new technical solutions.

Since a combined heat and power plant is basically a heating system with additional electricity generation, and the electricity has the multiple value of heat, the electrical efficiency is of paramount importance for economic viability.

At full duty, our systems achieve an electrical efficiency of over 28%. In comparison, the aggregates of most competitors only reach 23%. With a plant size of 150 KW el, the increased efficiency results in annual more revenue of approximately 40.000 EUR.

Because there are also some very dubious providers on the market, it is strongly advisable to thoroughly examine the products of the various manufacturers before investing.

The investment sum is considerable, therefore it is worthwile to observe an identical system over a longer period of time.

A visit to an afternoon can not give a real picture of the reliability of such a facility.