Systems Service & Spare Parts

vee Wood Gas Systems are low-maintenance, clearly laid out and easily accessible for servicing. With the appropriate skills, ongoing maintenance can easily be carried out by the user. For example, the CHP unit has an integrated pump system that can be used to change the oil automatically until the engine is refilled.

Faults can usually be managed by one person at short notice. If there is a problem, a contact person is available on our service telephone. Remote maintenance and software adjustments can be carried out online.

We keep all essential spare parts in stock and ship on working days by parcel service or scheduled courier.

vee Remote Service

The system can be operated and monitored locally or via smartphone or the internet. Warning and fault messages are sent via email or SMS. Remote access through our service technology provides quick solutions and avoids longer downtimes. The focus is on the profitability of the systems.

Suitability of the Systems

The systems are not designed for an interval operation of less than 48 hours. The gasifier requires a fuel with a low proportion of foreign matter like metals and minerals. When using chopped waste wood, a good preparation of the wood chips is essential for a continuous operation of the CHP system.

Operating & Maintenance

When using clean wood chips (forest wood chips, sawmill residue), maintenance on the system is necessary approx. every 1000 to 3000 operating hours. The DC gasifier must cool down for at least 12 hours, the work itself then takes 2 to 3 hours. The CHP unit requires maintenance of approx. 1 hour every 1000 operating hours. One-day maintenance of other system components is required once a year.