Plant service & spare parts

One of our core competencies is to build the systems with low maintenance efforts and with clear and easy access.

With appropriate competencies, the ongoing maintenance can be carried out by yourself. For example, the CHP has an integrated pump system that can be used to automatically change the oil until the engine is refilled.

Faults can normally be remedied by a person himself at short notice. If it gets stuck, a contact person is available via our service telephone. Remote maintenance and software adjustments can be carried out online.

Wear parts and spare parts can be ordered via the vee spare parts management and will be delivered with parcel service.


Gas engine cylinder head

Operating hours and maintenance

When using clean wood chips (wood chips, saw mill waste wood) the maintenance of the system is only necessary every 1000 to 3000 operating hours. For this purpose the carburetor must at least cool down for 12 hours. The work itself then takes 2 to 3 hours. Every 1000 operating hours the CHP maintenance is necessary, which takes around an hour. Once a year a one-day maintenance for further plant components is required. Sudden disturbances, such as failure of a filter element or the defect of a frequency converter can be carried out by craftsmen within short time.


The system is not situable for interval operation hours less than 48 h. The carburetor requires combustibles with a low content of foreign substances. A handful of pins/spikes or stones can disturb the system already, a few kilograms of it can lead to a fault shutdown of the plant. When using hacked waste woods, therefore a good preparation of the wood chips for a low-disturbance operation of the CHP plant is necessary.