Vee Gmbh is an owner-managed company, which has made it a task to take the use of valuable ecological energy a step further with new technical solutions.

One of the most important reasons for this development was initially the energy supply in the sawmill of Andreas Fritsche. There, large quantities of electricity were needed for machines and a lot of heat for drying the timber.

Since the heat requirement for the economic operation of a steam turbine was too low, we long sought in vain for ways to find an optimal solution.

This solution, like many other self-developed equipment in the sawmill, should be characterized by special simplicity and functionality.

As there was no technology on the market that was usable, first attempts were made in 2010 to produce wood gas for a gas engine.

The knowledge available at that time served as the base for the development of a system in which the known problems were largely solved. Even back then it was already clear that a wood gas plant, which needs some work almost every day and is susceptible to faults, was not usable. A further requirement was that the plant with standard chopped material, including fine and bark parts, should work without problems.

Also in principle, always a heating system and not a power station should arise, that is, the system had to be technically simple and manageable.

After hundreds of attempts with advances and regression, we had already created a carburetor at the end of 2012, which has hardly changed from the system to the present day. There have been significant improvements in the last few years only in the area of ​​service life by the use of special materials in heavily loaded parts. The concept of gas purification has also proven itself to the present day, since the lifetime of the filters is now more than one year. The initially used suction engines were replaced in 2014 by supercharged engines, which have a significantly higher efficiency and a lower maintenance effort.

Today, the installations often run for months, and the reliability now exceeds the initial expectations. Nevertheless, the development continues, especially in the field of the utilization of waste wood and other waste, this gasification technology offers advantages over conventional combustion.